The most important decision in life, other than who you marry, is what are you going to do with the rest of your life. Loving what you do entails first figuring out who you are. Knowing who you are enables you to use your energy for strength and not stress.   Creating a balanced life means a choosing a career you love which also meets your daily individual needs. Some strong needs (Passions) can not be met by job or career and must be meet during non-working hours and weekends.

The 3 Questions you need answered to pick best training or college major:

1.   What are my Passions?

2.   What are my Strengths? 

3.   Where do I belong?

Only 35 to 60 percent of adults are happy in their Current Jobs, don’t be part of the 40-65% who are unhappy in their career. Let Career Coach personally be part of your journey for a balanced life using a free personal interview over a meal if possible.

To begin, submit a request by email or phone. Mr. Rice will send you a couple of questionnaires to complete online, Within 5 days after you have completed the questionnaires, a 1-2 hour feedback session will be scheduled in Bellaire, Texas.

Please read the attached brochure for bio and costs.

We look forward to being of help and service

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Your Career Coach